Bonfire Night

Remember Remember, the 5th of November! Bonfire night is one of our favorite Autumnal celebrations, with so many opportunities to get your little ones excited about the occasion, and about healthy foods and activities. We’ve pulled together our favourites for you to try during your own celebrations. And as ever, please don’t forget to stay safe around bonfires and fireworks.

  • Make your own fruit fireworks – get a variety of berries and fruit (raspberries, strawberries, kiwi and bananas work really well), and thread them onto wooden skewers, cutting off the sharp end so the children don’t hurt themselves. If you’re using grapes or other larger berries, make sure they are cut in half lengthways to avoid a choking hazard. Serve with a natural yoghurt to dip. Serving size is one firework per child.


  • Apple lollipops. The traditional toffee apples are very high in sugar and can be tricky for children to eat, so why not try slicing an apple into quarters and removing the core and pips, threading onto a lolly stick and dipping the end in nut butter. A much healthier alternative! Be sure to check for nut allergies when serving these.


  • Create cheesy vegetable rockets. Fill celery sticks with a cheese strip and place a red pepper triangle on the top and arrange on a plate. A crafty way to get some vegetables into the party food.


  • Potato stars – cut potatoes and sweet potatoes into thin slices and then use a star cookie cutter to cut them into the stars. Bake in the oven until crispy and add a little paprika if your little ones are adventurous with flavours.