Childcare Expo: EYNP benefits for nurseries

By Steph Johnson, Business Development Manager, EYN Partnership

Childcare Expo has been amazing as it has given us a great opportunity to engage with setting owners and practitioners and chat about what they need from us.

The nursery practitioners we have spoken to have said how much they like the fact that we offer a flexible model of support, so they can work out what fits their needs best rather than a rigid programme that may not quite work for them.

Our new flexible training is going down well! Lots of nurseries really love the Level 3 course with CACHE accreditation that we offer, but for some it’s not that practical to deliver it, so the face to face training is definitely being well received with the option to train lots of staff in the same workshops. Some of the nurseries have been really keen to talk about the Level 2 training we are offering chefs and cooks. Obviously it depends on the nursery, in some places the chef is less keen on change, but in many, it is the chef who is full of ideas and really wants to learn about nutrition, so we’ve talked lots about how the Level 2 training can work in both scenarios.

One of the conversations I’ve had a lot is with setting owners and managers who are saying how useful the advice of our nutritionists will be in helping them have conversations with parents, and talk to parents much more freely and easily, whether it is around lunchbox concerns or just generally working together. It’s obviously something we can help with, and we are excited that there is that potential to really help nurseries with those relationships, and potentially have a positive impact at home too.

Steph Johnson is the Business Development Manager for the Early Years Nutrition Partnership. Steph studied Business and IT  before building years of experience across multiple industries, from  insurance to pharmaceuticals. Her work in the field of healthcare  spanned primary and secondary care settings and exposed her to a variety  of specialisms. It was during her work with care of the elderly that  she began to explore her passion for nutrition and people development.  This inspired her move to Danone where she worked for 8 years promoting  the fundamental benefits of good early years nutrition to reduce poor  health outcomes in later life. Steph also developed training initiatives  including an induction programme for new starters.  
Steph's  move to join the Early Years Nutrition Partnership as the Business  Development Manager allows her to grow her passion for nutrition and  people development. Her role focuses on supporting the team of EYN  Partnership nutrition professionals working across the UK and promoting  their work to ensure that all early years settings have the opportunity  to offer good nutrition to the children in their care.