Childcare Expo: Working with childminders

By Alison Preston, EYN Partnership Registered Nutritionist

Childcare Expo Midlands was a brilliant experience. We obviously had lots of fun but we also had a really great time meeting with owners and practitioners from nurseries and pre-schools, and lots of childminders too.

We are just starting to work with childminders so it was brilliant to meet so many fantastic professionals who are really keen to get nutrition right. We chatted about all the things you would expect to concern them, how to encourage parents to provide a healthy packed lunch without having to be completely authoritarian, dealing with parents who don’t want their children to have carbohydrates in the afternoon, variety in snack provision, that sort of thing.

It was lovely to see the passion that childminders have for the work they do, and we enjoyed speaking to everybody about their work, and meeting lots of people who are just setting up their businesses too who are really keen to explore options with EYNP training. We are feeling inspired to go away and look at the services we can provide childminders – so do get in touch if you think our training could help you develop and enhance your nutrition credentials!

Alison Preston is a Nutritionist based in Bristol. After a 25  year career in the food industry which included owning her own outside catering business, Alison chose to follow her love of food in a different direction and studied for a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Since graduating in 2010 Alison has registered with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) and has developed a portfolio of roles including facilitating family weight management programmes and providing nutritional support to the healthy living zone within a sports centre. She has worked as a health improvement practitioner running family cookery courses and delivering programmes such as HENRY (Health, Exercise and Nutrition for the Really Young). Alison’s experience also includes developing and delivering an adult weight management programme called HELP (healthy eating and lifestyle programme) and more recently coordinating an adolescent weight management programme. These programmes highlighted the difficulties in changing established eating patterns and the importance of developing healthy eating habits in the early years - which Alison works to achieve through the provision of healthy food and the modelling of healthy eating habits.