The Early Years Nutrition Partnership at Childcare Expo London 2018

The EYN Partnership Team

For all of us at the EYN Partnership, Childcare Expo is a clear highlight of our calendar. Having first exhibited at the Manchester Expo last June, we eagerly counted down the days, knowing we had an action-packed, informative and memorable two days ahead of us. This time closer to home in the capital, we descended on Kensington’s London Olympia on 2nd March in high spirits (and snow boots!) ready to spread the word about the Early Years Nutrition Partnership.

However, as much as we humans had prepared, it seems no amount of effort could match the attention our lovely EYN Pea received. Our trusty mascot was in typical good form, walking around the venue on both days to let people know about what it is we do, enjoying many a selfie opportunity and even making some new friends (mascots and humans alike, he’s not a picky pea).

With a huge array of stands, seminars and performances to explore, practitioners, nursery owners and childminders hopefully all got a lot out of it. We really enjoyed meeting so many people who are in the early years business and answering questions about how we can work with settings. We also loved being reunited with some of the lovely people we have been working with (waves to Rum Tum Tuggers!)

Lucy Shipton gave us her highlight!

“I love being at Childcare Expo. It's such a great opportunity to talk to a range of people working in the early years sector. Once you start the conversations, you realise the shared passion we all have for providing good nutrition and building the strong foundations for positive eating habits. My role with the EYN Partnership is then to help and support early years settings to achieve their goals and make this a reality.”

Thank you to the Childcare Expo team who, not to be defeated by the very snowy Beast of the East, transformed 2nd and 3rd March into a truly fabulous couple of days for members of the early years community. We, and the EYN Pea, had a great time, and look forward to the next Expo, in Manchester this June! Look out for us in the Health and Wellbeing Zone there!