Foody Q&A with Yvonne and Gill

We like getting to know the food likes and dislikes of our team! We caught up with two of our registered nutrition professionals, Yvonne Richards and Gill Kelsall, at Childcare Expo in Coventry and asked them some quick-fire questions. Here’s what we found out!


What’s your favourite vegetable?

Yvonne: Anything green, but if pushed, broccoli, definitely! Regular and tender stem, I love both!

Gill: At the minute, the tomato, I’m growing tomatoes so that is why! Home grown taste amazing. I would also call out the butternut squash!


What’s the most underrated food?

Gill: Lentils! I love lentil lasagne! I swap out the meat and there are loads of vegetables in it.

Yvonne: I agree, and my lentil bolognese is amazing! I also think cous cous is underrated! It’s so easy, you just add hot water! You can put anything in it. I love adding roasted vegetables, and it’s great as part of a cold salad too.


What’s your favourite herb?

Yvonne: Coriander. I think it’s a love it or hate it one, but I love it! I like to sprinkle fresh coriander on my curries and spicy soups. I also add it to my tomato salsa and guacamole, as well as adding it to flatbreads, which I make simply with equal quantities of flour and natural yogurt.

Gill: Basil would be mine. I would add basil to most pasta dishes, so in a pasta with tomato sauce a little chopped basil will add a great flavour.  I also make my own pesto with basil, garlic, grated Italian cheese and olive oil - it beats any bought version and takes no time at all.  Basil tastes great with a tomato and cheese pizza, and it also looks great as a garnish too. 


What’s your favourite spice?

Yvonne: Chilli! Also, paprika goes in pretty much most of my food!

Gill: I like a mix of the curry spices, so ginger, cumin, garam masala etc. I also love cinnamon, sweet and savoury!

Yvonne: I accidentally mixed my pans up the other day and added cinnamon into a salmon pasta dish I was making! It was a total accident and an interesting taste to say the least, but it was edible! Which just goes to show that you can afford to experiment!


What foods don’t you like?

Yvonne: I am not wild about All Bran, that and school dinners are my earliest and worst childhood memories of food.

Gill: I like spinach when it is an ingredient, but not on its own. That comes from childhood too and being told I had to eat it all up. I’ve never forgotten it, and I always tell people now, that’s the worst mistake you can make with a child, never force them to eat something, it will put them off for life.