Happy Halloween!

Make Halloween a time to help children explore new foods and try something new.

Here are 8 ways how:

Cook up some okra and present them as witches fingers, laid out in the shape of a hand. Points for touching, tasting, trying!

Purple carrots: children can be wary of new colours, even when foods like carrots might be familiar. Are the children brave enough to bite into a witches nose? 

Apple bob with a twist: bob for fruits that children have never tried before.

Remember the doughnut game? You can make it healthier for children by dangling wholemeal bagels from strings instead of doughnuts. Who can catch one in their mouths without using their hands?

Have fun seeing what unfamiliar foods children can make eye balls out of. Try mini mozzarella balls, halved or sliced kiwi (check for any kiwi allergy) or get children to think up their own ideas for making eye balls! 

P-p-p-pick up a pumpkin: have the children ever eaten pumpkin before? Soup, curry, in a Spanish omelette, roasted & tossed into pasta, rice or salad. The options are endless! 

Meat free mummies: wrap long strips of lighter (lower fat) pastry around veggie sausages to make a mummy and decorate with raisins for eyes. A great way of trying veggie sausages rather than meat ones. 

Children tend to like red peppers but can be wary of green ones. Slice the top off a green pepper and hollow out the seeds (like you would for a pumpkin) then carve a tiny witches or scary pumpkin face into one side of the pepper. Crunch away!