Pizza perfection

EYN Partnership

We all know that children tend to love pizza! But if you are concerned about mountains of cheese and unhealthy toppings then do not fear – we have some ideas for you for healthier options to try as a family at home.

Try these and let us know how you get along!

1. Try going naked for the day!

Ditch the cheese occasionally to cut back on saturated fat. The original pizzas (believe it or not they were originally invented by the Ancient Greeks and not the Italians) had no cheese but were just flatbreads. If you want to try an alternative base, try sprinkling the base with spinach leaves instead – it’s really tasty.

2. Give it lift off with a bit of rocket

Spruce up your pizza with a large handful of rocket. This adds colour and taste and as a bonus it will boost your folate intake if you are pregnant. Try it for the kids – they might surprise you and like it!

3. Experiment with the unusual

Don’t feel trapped by traditional toppings. In India popular toppings include tofu and pickled ginger! If you don’t fancy that, try taking inspiration from things you know go together and try them on a pizza. One of the favourite unusual combinations of our Nutrition Development Manager is peas, with a little goat’s cheese, and mint.

4. Fabulous frozen

You can keep mini cheese and tomato pizzas in your freezer – and then you are free to jazz them up with chopped veg of your choosing. And remember, you can use frozen veg or canned fish too. This makes an economical and nutritious lunch for little ones and they can have fun helping you choose different toppings.

5. Boost your base

You don’t have to go with a traditional pizza base – you can find your own – our ideas are:

- Make your own base using wholemeal flour – it’s a good way to boost your fibre intake
- Consider using pittas, crumpets and wholemeal muffins – they all make great quick & easy pizza bases and offer variety for your little ones. You can treat them all the same way – just spread them with tomato purée and pile with a little - grated cheese, sliced mushrooms, halved cherry tomatoes and sliced peppers
- If you're feeling brave, try making a cauliflower pizza base – surprisingly tasty, adds extra veg, and gluten free too for those who need to avoid gluten.  Remember little ones need energy, so serve with some starchy foods too like potato wedges or a rice salad.

Recipe tip!

If you want a specific recipe – we love this one! 

Give some of these ideas a go and let us know what works for you. Get the children involved where you can, and have fun with your little pizza chefs in the kitchen!


The EYN Partnership would like to thank the nutrition professionals for their ideas. Please note, that if you have any questions regarding the above as it relates to children in your care, please contact your healthcare professional for guidance.