A Q&A with Ben Faulks!

When we took our friend Ben Faulks to visit Aberdeen Park in Highbury we grabbed five minutes with him to ask him some of your questions!

Here’s what he told us!


What are your earliest memories of food?

Eating honey coated Ryvita in the garden on a sunny day watching Top Cat on the TV.


What are your ‘Dad’ memories of food with your children when they were little?

Extensive hoovering after every single meal.


If you were a vegetable, what type of vegetable would you be?

My spirit vegetable is absolutely-no-questions-about-it, a radish 


Do you secretly have a favourite ‘veggie’ on the Mr Bloom set?

You really shouldn’t have favourites, but… Colin.


Do you think Mr Bloom can cook?

Absolutely, he’s a dab hand. Probably quite alfresco too.


What is it like to come to Aberdeen Park and see all that they have achieved with the EYN Partnership?

It was splendid. The children have got a great environment there & are clearly benefiting from the positivity that the partnership brings.


Why do you think children like The Healthy Eating Song so much?

It’s a catchy little tune, that’s for sure. Also, I think food & music go really well together. Perhaps they do too? 


Why do you choose to support the EYN Partnership?

As a parent I know how important it is for your kids to have a healthy relationship with food. The EYN Partnership makes sure that this is at the forefront and helps establish positive habits that the children will take forward into later life.