A-Z of the Early Years Nutrition Partnership

A is for Advice from experienced nutrition professionals, on how to provide children in the early years with the food and nutrition they need to grow and thrive. Whether you’re a parent or a practitioner, you can access this advice on the Early Years Nutrition Partnership website where you’ll find blogs, links to videos and other resources to help you get it right. Click here   

B is for Brighter Futures. Our vision is to bring young children brighter futures through better nutrition. We know that good nutrition in the early years is linked to better long-term health outcomes. For example, preventing childhood obesity can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life. Click here 

C is for Collaboration between organisations with a shared vision and commitment to the same goal. The Early Years Nutrition Partnership brings together the British Nutrition Foundation, the Early Years Alliance, and Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition with funding from Danone Ecosystem. Click here

D is for Deprivation. As a social enterprise, the EYN Partnership is committed to supporting settings in areas of high social deprivation, where the need is often greatest. Our ambition is to work towards having at least 10% of the settings registered with EYN Partnership benefiting from subsidised access to our programme. Click here

E is for our Expert Panel of internationally recognised experts across a wide range of early years issues, that help us to ensure the EYN Partnership programme is evidence-based and reflects current policy and practice. Click here

F is for Families, which influence a child’s preferences and relationship with food, making it important to set a good example. Taking the opportunity to sit down and eat with children whenever possible allows you to model positive behaviours. Click here

G is for Growth, as the EYN Partnership works to expand our team of nutrition professionals and numbers of registered settings throughout England. Click here

H is for Hands-On Help for early years settings, provided by our network of nutrition professionals with early years expertise, to improve and enhance nutrition standards. This tailored and practical support is unique and central to the offering of the EYN Partnership programme. Click here

I is for Innovators who are leading the way in the delivery of nutrition, health and wellbeing in early years settings and as such, will be eligible to be awarded the EYN Partnership’s Quality Mark ‘specialist’ level accreditation. Click here

J is for Journey. The EYN Partnership team is excited to embark on this journey with local nursery and pre-school teams, to bring better nutrition to children in the early years. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletters to follow our story. Click here 

K is for Knowledge. We recognise that nutrition is a science that requires deep study and personal experience. Each of the nutrition professionals working for EYN Partnership has at least a bachelor’s degree in a nutritional or dietetic science and experience in early years. This ensures they are well equipped with the nutrition knowledge to provide you with evidence based advice specific to young children. Click here

L is for Level 2 & 3 Awards.  Settings registered with the EYN Partnership programme can access training opportunities to upskill team members through a Level 3 CACHE award in nutrition and hydration in the early years. There will also be a Level 2 award in preparation of meals for the early years, for cooks and chefs on its way soon! Click here

M is for Meals. We understand the challenges of ensuring you give young children meals that meet their nutritional needs to support their health and wellbeing. We also have the expertise to advise you. That’s why our nutrition professionals are regularly posting blogs on our website to deliver practical guidance and tips to help you get it right, whether you are a parent or a practitioner. Click here

N is for Nutrition in the early years, what we are all about! Nutrition has been proven to be vital to children’s healthy growth and development, with consequences across their life course. That’s why the EYN Partnership is committed to improving nutrition standards at this critical time in a child’s life. Click here

O is for Obesity which is one of the key issues driving the need to deliver the right nutrition to children in the early years. This is a particularly high priority at a time when one in five children will arrive in primary school either obese or overweight. Click here

P is for Parents. We know that parents and practitioners worry about nutrition. To be effective, nutrition needs to be right, at home and in child care settings. That’s why our registered nutrition professionals help settings work in partnership with parents to share learning experiences and ensure consistency in food-related messages. Click here

Q is for Quality Mark. To recognise their commitment to delivering high nutrition standards, early years settings registered with the EYN Partnership programme will be eligible to receive a Quality Mark at the appropriate level of accreditation. This system acknowledges current achievements and supports ongoing improvement in nutrition provision. It provides an opportunity for settings to showcase their commitment to nutrition and for parents to seek reassurance that their children’s nutrition needs are being met. Click here

R is for the Resources that the EYN Partnership has collated on our website, to provide you with easy access to credible sources of information that will support you in expanding your knowledge of nutrition and help you plan nutritious meals and snacks in an early years setting or at home. We have resources from the British Nutrition Foundation and the NHS - well worth a read. Click here

S is for Social Enterprise. The EYN Partnership is an independent social enterprise, set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). It has been created in partnership with the Early Years Alliance, British Nutrition Foundation and Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition. Our goal is for every child in England under the age of five to have access to expert nutrition support within their early years setting, in the future. Click here

T is for the Tailored Support that our nutrition professionals provide to early years settings, so that it is relevant and nuanced toward the needs of each individual setting and the local community in which it operates. We understand that each setting has a unique population of children it cares for, with a range of dietary, cultural, economic and religious needs that impacts food provision and the type of advice parents need. Click here

U is for Understanding the individual needs of each early years setting. Facilities, cohorts of children and cultural needs can differ greatly between settings. By working hands-on, alongside you, our nutrition professionals can fully understand the issues and needs of your setting, and provide specific and tailored advice. Click here

V is for Videos on the EYN Partnership YouTube channel that you can watch to find out more about our organisation, our team and our work, including feedback from settings on what they’ve gained from joining the programme and examples of our nutrition professionals in action. Click here 

W is for the Whole Setting Approach taken by our nutrition professionals, to effect genuine change when working alongside settings to support them to improve and enhance their nutrition practice, not just what’s on the plate! Click here

X is for eXcellence, something that the EYN Partnership is working towards for early years nutrition provision! Click here  

Y is for Young Children. As our name suggests the Early Years Nutrition Partnership works in the early years, with children under five years of age. This has been identified as a critical point in a child’s growth and development during which the creation of healthy eating habits can have significant short and long term effects. Click here

Z is for Zealous. The EYN Partnership team is passionate about our mission and excited at the opportunity to work with you to achieve it. Register today. Let’s work together to improve the future health and wellbeing of children across England. Click here