Why you should join the EYN Partnership

The EYN Partnership provides tailored nutrition support to meet the individual needs of your setting.

Working with the EYN Partnership goes beyond sticking to a checklist or implementing a generic menu plan; working towards the Quality Mark will give you direct access to a dedicated nutrition professional working with you in your setting to give you the confidence to be outstanding in your approach to nutrition and food. We can help you feel confident about:

  • Dealing with allergies and intolerances
  • Creative menu planning
  • Managing mealtimes
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Making sense of nutrition advice
  • Planning food activities
  • Role modelling good food behaviours
  • Writing a whole setting food and nutrition policy
  • Upskilling your team in nutrition
  • Encouraging your team to make healthy changes

The support provided by your local nutrition professional will be tailored and nuanced towards the demographic of your setting and the community in which you operate, because we recognise that all early years settings are different and face different challenges.

By working with the EYN Partnership you can support the wellbeing of the children in your setting, increase the knowledge of your practitioners and enhance your reputation with parents and inspectors for providing excellent food and wider nutrition practice.

Join us to help nurture a greater understanding of food, nutrition and healthy eating in the children you care for.

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