Rainbows Nursery, Swinton, Greater Manchester

Rainbows was already doing good work with nutrition, but by working with EYNP, they made small changes that have made all the difference.

Rainbows Nursery in Swinton worked with Nicola Calder who recognised that they already had a good approach to nutrition. Nicola helped the team make small changes that balanced the menu rota, helped distribution between food groups, and added vital missing ingredients to recipes! Nicola also helped the team reduce salt and sugar and helped the team make the vegetarian diets healthier.

“We have got so much out of working with the EYNP. It’s so easy to think that you can just get good caterers or a good chef, and you will be sorted. You might think that you can just download menus off the internet, but that simply doesn’t compare to doing this yourselves with the EYNP. The full package of support you get is amazing and it is so accessible and so easy to make changes because of the support of the nutritionist. We would absolutely recommend it to everybody.” 

Kathryn Munden, Manager, Rainbows

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