Tender Years Day Nursery, Solihull

Tender Years’ work with the EYN Partnership was cited in their first Ofsted Outstanding report.

Tender Years recently received its first ever Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in 2017 after 26 years of practice. The Ofsted report highlighted the work the team is doing with the EYN Partnership to prioritise nutrition. Tender Years work with nutritionist Gill Kelsall, and chose for two members of the team, Deputy Manager Donna and practitioner Sarah, to study for the Level 3 course “Promote nutrition and hydration in early years and childcare settings”. Learn more about Tender Years journey with the EYN Partnership here  and on YouTube.

“I really think the difference between being Good and Outstanding is to open your doors and have somebody outside come in and challenge and question your practice.” Lisa Whitehouse, Owner.

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