Tiddlywinks Nursery, Redhill

Tiddlywinks Nursery has worked with the EYN Partnership to build on the training they had already undertaken to improve nutrition within the setting.

Staff at Tiddlywinks Nursery in Rehill, Surrey have been working with our Registered Nutritionist, Catherine Lippe to build on the training they had already undertaken with the Children's Food Trust. Working with the EYN Partnership has enabled the nursery to make informed decisions about nutrition and the menus they develop for the children, and ultimately work towards becoming an accredited setting.

"I think when I look at what we have achieved I can confidently say that we have moved on a very long way, not just in our menus, but in our whole setting approach. I feel strongly that we are doing the best thing for the children, and that we went about this the with the right approach by working with the EYN Partnership who have supported us all the way." Lynne Daniel, Manager at Tiddlywinks Nursery


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